After only 2 sessions my lower back pains were gone, no more headaches and back to my happy self. I’m going for my third session to ensure all is perfect and will be go back once a month for maintenance sessions.

Man, 34

In the beginning of my pregnancy my hope was to have a healthy birth (like most mothers) but being pregnant obviously
a person is limited to taking supplements and some medication to fight discomfort in your body. I found that Body Stress Release was a safe, natural and gentle technique that helped my body adapt to my pregnancy. I had my last release with Lucien at 39 weeks. Releasing the tension in my body made me feel more comfortable and
confident going into the birthing process. I cannot say yet how the birth will go but my body feels like it is
functioning well. I feel healthy and strong, and my mind is relaxed. I trust it will be a beautiful process. I encourage all pregnant woman to go for Body Stress Release, it bought me great relief and joy, so I’m sure it will do the same for you.

Pregnant lady, 28

After having two operations at 7 years old Sierra’s* overall health was not what it should have been. She was experiencing headaches at school and struggling to concentrate. Her stomach was also bloated from the medication.
After two sessions of Body Stress Release she bounced back to her usual bubbly self.

Girl, 7

Going to Body Stress Release Apeldoorn gave me sustained relief from pain (with no medication) and it worked on my
whole body: my muscles, bones and nerves.

Lady, 51

After 11 back operations since 2004 to fix my severe scoliosis the pain in my back returned. I know it is because I am old now but the pain is excrutiating. I was not sure what to expect going to Lucien but a friend of mine said she got a lot of relief because it works on the nerves that control the pain. After the first session my back was sore, he knew where all the sore spots were. But after one day I felt “almost human.” I had been taking 3 to 5 painkillers per day for months now, after the first session of BSR with Lucien I only took 3 tablets in two weeks after seeing him. I am so happy to have met Lucien and I am now seeing him every two weeks when he comes to my side of town. I am so happy I could cry and ecstatic to be able to play with my grandchildren and do social things again without pain.

Lady, 78

I initially came to Lucien after experiencing ongoing debilitating pain and discomfort in my lower back. I easily booked online and came for my first session. It was super interesting and involved a series of deep pressure tweaks and movements of the muscles which I found fascinating. Lucien has a good understanding of the interconnectedness of the muscles. I felt immediate relief after the first session and I am excited to see what happens at thefollowing sessions. I must be honest I did also experience a deep emotional release that left my body. I am not planning to
stop after the 3 initial sessions as I plan to do maintenance sessions which will keep my body in top form and well

Lady, 44

Wow, after my third session I have almost NO pain in my neck and the ache in my right leg has completely gone. I have more flexibility in my neck than I have had in a decade.

Man, 45

Man, 45

I tried Body Stress Release hoping it would help as I frequently get headaches. After two sessions I was amazed that I only took one tablet for the week instead of one everyday. Lucien said my body is adapting so I may have some aches and pains, but I definitely feel as though my body is trying to heal itself. I am happy I don’t have to pop pain tablets like I used to, I was eating them like m and ms. I would recommend Body Stress Release Apeldoorn to my own clients and family.

Lady, 53

Lady, 53